EIC Note

Introducing Preliminary Reference, a blog by the Columbia Journal of European Law (CJEL)–A message from the Editor-in-Chief

Now entering its 22nd year, the Columbia Journal of European Law eagerly delves into the new technology of weblogs with its very own Preliminary Reference. This blog will serve as a forum for discussion of current and emerging legal issues in Europe, both big and small. It will feature posts from leading legal scholars, practitioners, students, and the journal’s editorial staff. In essence, the blog will expand upon the coverage of our print publication and offer a more immediate and informal response to current European problems.

When this publication was founded, the Internet was still capitalized in its official style guide. The European Union was a brand new institution, its currencies diverse. Italy’s debt-to-GDP ratio was…basically the same. With the European Union, we have grown, and unlike the European Union, it has been smooth sailing. Now the highest ranked journal of European law, CJEL hopes to expand its footprint even further in the European legal community as we reach across the pond and rummage for hot topics.

Outside scholars and practitioners are welcome to submit to Preliminary Reference. The Journal’s editorial board invites your commentary and criticism of the analysis here provided, as we hope that posts will be taken as a starting point for discussion. The format will be brief posts of about 1000 words, cited as necessary, with a more informal style than that of the print Journal. Submissions should be publication-ready and relate to a novel and interesting issue of European law (broadly construed). If you are interested in submitting to Preliminary Reference, please e-mail us a post of appropriate size with the subject line “Blog submission.” Submissions to the print Journal are handled separately.

Stay tuned for the first entries, and welcome to the conversation.


Alexander M. Weaver
Editor-in-Chief, Columbia Journal of European Law, 2015/16