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Vol. 29, Issue 2

Upholding the Rule of Law in the Member States: What Role for the EU?

A Special Issue in Partnership with the Institute for European Law at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven


  • Filling the Accountability Gap in Structured Finance Transactions: The Case for a Broader Fiduciary Obligation
    by: Vincenzo Bavoso, Lecturer in Commercial Law, University of Manchester and Research Associate in the Tipping Points project, Institute of Hazard Risk & Resilience, Durham University.
  • Revoking Brexit: Can Member States Rescind their Declaration of Withdrawal from the European Union?
    by: Jens C. Dammann, William Stamps Farish Professor of Law, University of Texas Law School.
  • Adding a Little Gold to the Golden Years: Should the European Union Prohibit Compulsory Retirement as Age-based Discrimination in Employment?
    by: Professor Roger J. Goebel, Alpin J. Cameron Professor of Law, Fordham Law School.
  • The ECB Powers as a Catalyst for Change in EU Law. Part 2: SSM, SRM and Fundamental Rights
    by: Marco Lamandini, Professor of Commercial Law, University of Bologna; David Ramos, Senior Lecturer in Commercial Law, Carlos III University of Madrid; and Javier Solana, Lecturer in Commercial Law, University of Glasgow.
  • The Use of Offshore Companies in Emerging Market Economies: A Case Study
    by: Delphine Nougarède, Adjunct Lecturer at Columbia Law School, Solicitor of England & Wales, Avocat (Paris).
  • Weaponizing Finance: U.S. and European Options, Tools and Policies
    by: Joanna Caytas, J.D. Candidate 2017, Columbia Law School
  • EU Merger Regulation: A Protectionist Regime at Odds with U.S. Regulation?
    by: Caroline Ceriello, J.D. Candidate 2017, Columbia Law School


  • The European Central Bank (ECB) as a Catalyst for Change in EU Law. Part 1: The ECB’s Mandate
    by: Marco Lamandini, Professor of Commercial Law, University of Bologna; David Ramos, Senior Lecturer in Commercial Law, Carlos III University of Madrid; and Javier Solana, Lecturer in Commercial Law, University of Glasgow.
  • Deterring the State versus the Firm: Soft and Hard Deterrence Regimes in EU Law
    by: Sanja Bogojević, Law Fellow and Associate Professor of Law at Lady Margaret Hall and Oxford University; and Nicolas Petit, Professor of European Law at the University of Liege.
  • The VW Diesel Emissions Scandal and the Spanish Class Action
    by: Robert A. Weninger, J. Hadley Edgar Professor of Law at Texas Tech University School of Law, Lubbock, Texas.
  • The Codetermination Bargains: The History of German Corporate and Labor Law
    by: Ewan McGaughey, Lecturer, King’s College, London and Research Associate, Centre for Business Research, University of Cambridge.
  • Cross-Border Resolution Recognition: EU Legislation Staying Default Rights as a Model for the United States
    by: Traci Biedermann, J.D. Candidate, Columbia Law School, 2017.


  • The Application and Interpretation of the EU Charter in the Context of Cross-Border Movement of Patients
    by: Clemens M Rieder, Academic Fellow, Lancaster University.
  • TTIP and Regulatory Governance: Building from the Past
    by: Gregory Shaffer, Chancellor’s Professor, University of California, Irvine School of Law.
  • On the Law of Armed Conflict and Annexation in Investor-State Arbitration: Reflections on Crimea
    by: Odysseas G. Repousis, PhD cand. at the University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law, Hong Kong SAR, LLM student at Harvard Law School.
  • How to Deal with the Collapse of a Banking System the Icelandic Way: Restriction of Property Rights in the Interest of Economic Policy and Government Forbearance
    by: Valgerdur Solnes, Adjunct Professor at the University of Iceland Faculty of Law and Ph.D. Fellow at the Faculties of Law of the University of Copenhagen and University of Iceland.


  • Transatlantic Perspective on Judicial Deference in Administrative Law
    by: Maciej Bernatt, Assistant Professor in the Department of European Economic Law (Jean Monnet Chair), Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw and Scientific Secretary of the Centre for Antitrust and Regulatory Studies at the University of Warsaw.
  • Minimum Fees for the Self-Employed: A European Response to the “Uber-ized” Economy?
    by: Eva Grosheide, PhD candidate at the University of Amsterdam;
    Mark Barenberg, Isidor and Seville Sulzbacher Professor of Law, Columbia University, and Director of the Columbia Program on Labor Law.
  • A ‘Selfie’ from Luxembourg: The Court of Justice and the Fabrication of Pre-Accession Case-Law Dossiers
    by: Urska Sadl, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, iCourts Centre of Excellence for International Courts;
    Mikael Rask Madsen, Professor, Head of iCourts Centre of Excellence for International Courts.
  • Accounting for Rights in EU Counter-Terrorism: Towards Effective Review
    by: Fiona de Londras, BCL, LL.M, PhD (NUI); Professor of Global Legal Studies at Birmingham Law School, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom.
  • Is Obesity a Disability? The Definition of Disability by the Court of Justice of the European Union and its Consequences for the Application of EU Anti-Discrimination Law
    by: Gauthier de Beco, Lecturer in Disability Law, University of Leeds.


  • A Comparative Overview of EU and US Legislative and Regulatory Systems: Implications for Domestic Governance & the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership
    by: Richard Parker, Professor of Law, University of Connecticut Law School; Alberto Alemanno, Professor of Law, HEC Paris and Global Clinical Professor, NYU School of Law.
  • Four Challenges for TTIP Regulatory Cooperation
    by: Richard Parker, Professor of Law, University of Connecticut Law School.
  • Short-Termism in the European Union
    by: Therese Strand, Ph.D., Associate Research Scholar in Law, Yale Law School; Assistant Professor, Copenhagen Business School Center for Corporate Governance.
  • The EU’s External Competence in IP Matters: The Contribution of the Daiichi Sankyo Case to Cloudy Constitutional Concepts, Blurred Borders and the Corresponding Court Jurisdiction
    by: Yole Tanghe, PhD Candidate and Teaching Assistant at the Institute for European Law, KU Leuven.
  • The Compatibility of Intra-EU Bilateral Investment Treaties With EU Law: A BITter Pill to Swallow
    by: Dominik Moskvan, Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Antwerp, Faculty of Law.
  • Towards a Two-Speed Europe: National Sovereignty and the Absence of Political Integration in the Eurozone
    by: Jerald Khoo, J.D. Candidate, Columbia Law School, 2016.