Rights & Permissions

Authors who have their work published in CJEL may not upload their contributions onto SSRN, as well as any other similar site or personal webpages.

CJEL, however, understands the importance of the dissemination of academic work, not least for job application purposes. Hence, it has been our policy to allow the following: (1) Authors may include the CJEL citation of their contribution(s) on their personal webpages or application materials, accompanied with a comment to the effect that the journal contribution is “available upon request”; (2) Authors may respond to such requests for a copy of their work and send PDFs of their contributions only in the form of an offprint, which are the finished product as formatted and published in print; (3) After dissemination, authors must inform CJEL of such dissemination via email, informing the Journal of the recipient and the purpose of such dissemination (e.g. job application).

All of the above (1) to (3) should be done with the understanding that neither the author nor recipients of this work would be able to charge for the dissemination, or use the work for any other commercial purposes.CJEL greatly appreciates your cooperation in this regard.

Please email ee.cjel@law.columbia.edu if you have any other questions in regards to permission requests.