Data Privacy

Mind the Gap: Loopholes in the EU Data Privacy Regime

By Theodore Chua, J.D. Candidate 2018, Columbia Law School I. Introduction With the modernization of databases and search engines, information seemingly lost in a sea of information can be retrieved almost instantaneously. Due to the value of analyzing personal data (e.g. for the purpose of understanding voter demographics or consumer groups), legislatures are alive to the need for data protection laws regulating how personal data can be processed or transferred. Paving the way forward, the EU (then the EC) in 1995 enacted a single data protection law—the Data Protection Directive (the “Directive”)—to establish uniform data protection standards across member states. […]

A Multilevel Approach to Publicity under European Law

Emmanouil Bougiakiotis, LLB, Democritus University of Thrace, Greece, Legal Intern at the Hellenic Data Protection Authority. All views expressed are personal. I. Introduction Publicity is a notion that becomes a matter of growing importance in European law, as it can affect numerous rights, such as. the rights to privacy, personal data, freedom of expression and, to some extent, the right of access to documents. However, almost no attention has been given to the conceptual issues with regard to the notion of publication and its characteristics, although they may be crucial in the outcome of a legal judgement. A characteristic example of […]